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I’m a freelance TV news producer, journalist, writer and travel enthusiast with an unhealthy affection for alliteration and a newfound love of Australia. I spent 9 years working in news and morning television in London, before moving to Sydney in 2019.

Find Out How Your Sex Life Compares To Other Australian Couples

Most couples spent around 11 minutes on foreplay, and the average length of our love-making is 12.2 minutes - while the average Australian has had 10 different sexual partners. One in 10 Australians also wait until they're hitched before having sex - but almost the same amount of people have sex on the first date. "There's a huge amount of variety," said sexologist Jacqueline Hellyer. "But some of the statistics in this survey are interesting - for instance, the number of people who do unusua

'I was so angry': Libby Trickett's battle with post-natal depression

"I think you have to have a very particular type of personality to do what we did," Trickett said. "I was training 35 hours a week, 50 weeks a year for the better part of a decade. "You have to be a very particular type of person to be able to cope, and focus and persevere and have that very intense dedication to what you're trying to achieve. "So you have to be a perfectionist. You have to have high expectations on what you're capable of. "And when you take away 35 hours of exercise, that's

Camilla Franks plans on removing her ovaries after inheriting BRCA1

And to mark one year since completing her treatment, Camilla posted a powerful message - revealing that her journey to recovery is not quite over yet. "This past year I have cried endless tears of fear, despair, confusion and helplessness," the designer wrote in an Instagram post. "I have been robbed of things I will never know again. But at this milestone today, the tears I shed are of gratitude and pride." "I think when you hit the one-year milestone, it really gives you time to really refl

A new search to find MH370 could be launched within months

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 remains the biggest mystery in aviation history. Almost six years after the plane disappeared, the families of the victims - including six Australians - are still no closer to the truth. The investigation has been plagued with allegations of misconduct, conspiracy theories, and even the assassination of a key investigator. “The number one theory is it was the captain,” said Charles Miranda. • Mid-air drama as woman gives birth on packed pas

Zac Woller’s Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis has led to an unlikely career

Zac Woller was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of four. He struggled through school and always found it hard to interact with people - but in the past year, Zac has finally found his voice. In fact, he’s found many - launching a career as a voiceover artist. Zac has an incredible ability to remember every detail about every movie, stage show and musical performance he has ever seen - and mimics actors’ and singers’ voices almost perfectly. “When he was three, I noticed he

Do we need to panic about the coronavirus? Here are the stats

World health authorities are scrambling to try to contain the deadly coronavirus, which originated in China. Currently, more than 7,000 people have been infected - and the government has effectively ordered a quarantine of almost 60 million people. Meanwhile, in Australia, there have been seven confirmed cases, and some schools in NSW have asked children who have recently returned from China to stay at home. And while we don’t know much about this new, novel coronavirus, we’re learning about

Be alert, not alarmed: What you need to know about the coronavirus

The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases is rising globally, with nearly 60 million people put on lockdown in China. Today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced plans to evacuate Australian citizens stuck inside the quarantine zone - and a group of Melbourne scientists have also revealed a breakthrough in researching the virus. So what are the risks for Australians and the rest of the world? “It’s a rapidly evolving situation,” said Dr Darren Saunders, Associate Professor of Medicine at U

Deepfakes are becoming a serious concern for the 2020 US elections

From celebrity face swaps to impersonations of political leaders, the deep fake video craze has swept the internet. But the manipulated clips are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it's often hard to spot the difference now between what's real and what's fake. "Deepfake videos use technology to create a video of someone you know, and it's not really them," said Bastien Treptel, CEO of the cybersecurity firm Ctrl Group. • The year's best smartphones ranked for every budget • Facebook warn

Aussie model Georgina Burke launches a size-inclusive swimwear label

Back in the 90s, the world was obsessed with the original wave of supermodels who were lean, athletic and stunning. But the new millennium brought a worrying new trend for size zero, super-skinny girls. Thankfully, as we approach the end of this decade, the fashion industry has moved towards a more natural and normal body type - and one woman at the forefront of that revolution is Georgina Burke. • The empowering moment this model with alopecia pilled off her wig on the runway • Curve-friendly

How to stop your child from becoming a spoilt brat this Christmas

Ask a child what Christmas means to them, and they'll probably just say presents. But when a child doesn't get the present they were hoping for, it can often lead to a tantrum - and it's been the subject of many viral YouTube clips. So how can you stop your children becoming obsessed with presents and acting like a spoiled brat on December 25? • Where to find Adelaide's most spectacular light displays • Santa went green for plastic in Melbourne • School assigns acts of kindness instead of home

The ultimate guide to what you actually need to buy for your baby

Any parent knows how expensive having a newborn can be, from prams to pumps, playpens and pillows. The baby product industry is worth more than $2 billion, with many mums and dads spending up to $13,000 before the baby even turns one. But trying to separate the necessities from those pointless products can be a minefield of motherhood. • Australian mum had three boys so she paid $35,000 for a baby girl • What you should do if you see a child locked in a hot car • Get more parenting news here

A look back at the most iconic TV interviews with the royal family

When Prince Andrew sat down for an unprecedented interview last month, little did he realise he was making a very big mistake. But he isn't the first royal to feel regret as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. Way back in 1969, amid growing anti-monarchy sentiments, the Duke of Edinburgh appeared on the legendary US show Meet the Press. • Prince Andrew scandal deepens as report claims he 'smuggled' woman into palace • Meghan Markle reveals what really happened at her New York baby shower • Ro

Alex Fevola's daughter racked up a $4,000 credit card bill on a game

The Fevola family will certainly have their hands full during the festive season. Alex and partner Brendan have four beautiful daughters, and a blossoming beauty business keeping them busy. And although Alex has built an impressive public profile, it's her youngest daughter who regularly steals the show. • Alex Fevola on embracing motherhood in her 40s: 'It feels like a second chance' • Meet Australia's only professional bridesmaid available for hire • Get more lifestyle news here Tobi turned

Sara Leonardi-McGrath's traumatic childbirth experience

When Sara Leonardi-McGrath fell pregnant, it was a dream come true. After struggling to conceive, Sara and her husband - cricketing legend Glenn McGrath - welcomed Madison into the world four years ago. But the birth was complicated and traumatic due to a life-threatening pregnancy condition called pre-eclampsia. • Mum's chilling warning after collapsing in front of daughters • Mum wakes from month-long coma to breastfeed her little girl • Get more parenting news here Up to one in 10 mothers

Pat Webster's mission to support young jockeys struggling with addiction

Legendary horse trainer Patrick Webster has earned his place in the racing record books. But he waited almost 50 years to become a true success story. That fortune came in the form of Happy Clapper - a racehorse who's gone on to win countless titles, and more than $7 million in prize money. "He's not only changed my life, he's helped me change other people's lives," Webster said. "Everywhere I go now, people relate me to Happy Clapper. So straight away you're relaxed with them." Happy Clapp

Why Helena Bonham Carter didn't rely on a historian to play Princess Margaret

The Crown is the most expensive show on TV right now - and with an estimated $95 million spent on each series, it's no surprise it's been such a global success. In the first two series, we watched as The Queen grappled with the weight of responsibility on her shoulders, a distant husband, and a young family. With its impressive drama and realism, viewers felt they'd been allowed inside the grand walls of Buckingham Palace - and renowned British historian Robert Lacey is there every step of the

Di Morrissey's new book explores Australia's fascination with Bali

Over the past three decades, legendary author Di Morrissey has taken her readers on journeys from Queensland to the Kimberley, and Burma to Bali. The hard-working writer has published no less than 31 titles, but fiction isn't her only passion project - she's an environmental activist, has founded a school in Myanmar, and even owns her own newspaper in her hometown. "I was a journalist and trained as a journalist, and I moved back to a little country town in the Manning Valley in NSW, and I was

Nicky Whelan had a 'brutal' experience filming 'Trauma Center'

From Ramsay Street to Hollywood, it's been a well-trodden path for Aussie actors. And Nicky Whelan was happy to follow in those footsteps. After leaving her role as Pepper in Neighbours, it was a fast-track to the big time. She landed parts in the TV smash Scrubs, and on the big screen opposite the likes of Owen Wilson and Nicolas Cage. Now, Nicky is playing Bruce Willis' leading lady in their new blockbuster, Trauma Center. "I play a character who witnesses a murder, and I get shot in the

Zoe Marshall and Jules Sebastian are helping mums reclaim their identity

Many new mums will be familiar with the post-baby struggle - but Zoe Marshall and Jules Sebastian had to navigate their way through motherhood under the glare of the celebrity spotlight. Now, the two are joining forces to help new mums rediscover their identity. In a recent column, Zoe revealed she was diagnosed with post-natal depletion after the birth of her son Fox - which she describes as a feeling similar to that of chronic fatigue. • Woman who lost 11 babies during pregnancy has message
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